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Politecnico of Torino

Shell Eco-marathon/Formula Electric & Hybrid Italy

H2politO is a team made up of engineering students from the Politecnico of Torino. Team H2politO participates in two competitions: Shell Eco-marathon and Formula Electric & Hybrid Italy. The students on this team come from various degree courses (engineering and architecture) and work together on the design and assembly of a low-consumption hydrogen vehicle.

Image courtesy of Dr. Massimiliana Carello

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Team Facts

  • H2politO started as a team of 13 students in the Fall of 2007 and has since grown to 35
  • MATLAB and Simulink are used for simulation at the preliminary design and verification stage of the vehicle
  • The team started using our software in 2009

Recent News

H2politO participated in the 2011 Shell Eco-marathon and came in 9th place in the Prototype competition running vehicle XAM (eXtreme Mobility Automotive), a hybrid electric vehicle. The team also won the prestigious and coveted Design Award for Urban Concept, which is given to the vehicle that has been able to find the best compromise between performance, technical aspects, aspects style, and integration of all subsystems.

In the fall, the team will compete in the 2011 Formula Electric & Hybrid Italy competition.