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Nano Retina developed a system model in Simulink® incorporating the eye’s optics and movements, environmental factors, and analog and digital subsystems, and simulated the model under multiple scenarios to gain insights into the system behavior.
set 2014
Using MATLAB and a variety of hardware platforms, students can complete hands-on projects in controls, mechatronics, robotics, signal processing and circuit design.
ago 2014
Virginia Tech biological engineering students use MATLAB to analyze and understand progressively more complex bioprocesses.
feb 2014
Engineers and scientists connect MATLAB and Simulink to FPGAs, microprocessors, cameras, instruments, and other hardware to design, test, and verify systems that combine hardware and software components.
ott 2013
A simple interface lets you download a custom waveform to an instrument without programming with an IVI-driver or using SCPI commands.
gen 2013
Using Simulink models and physical structures, Lehigh University researchers test reactions to seismic activity in ships’ hulls, bridge decks, shear walls, and four-story buildings.
dic 2012
A discussion of the evolution of AUTOSAR and its implication for embedded design.
nov 2012
Control instruments, analyze and display data, and produce written reports—all in a single application.
ott 2012
From simulation and early verification to real-time testing, Model-Based Design results in shorter, less costly design cycles and helps designers create more robust, higher-performing control systems for motor control applications.
ott 2012
Recent enhancements to MATLAB® and Image Processing Toolbox™ dramatically increase image processing speed
apr 2012
MATLAB and Simulink models help Simon Fraser University researchers run and control experiments to determine how sensory input affects walking speed.
feb 2012
CommScope's MATLAB based DPD technology enables wireless base stations to operate efficiently while minimizing spurious amplifier emissions.
gen 2012
By simulating IC designs before fabrication and automating tests, Fujitsu achieved significant time and cost savings and improved test quality, speed, and reproducibility.
mar 2011
Nujira’s envelope-tracking technology doubles a PA’s efficiency from 30% to 60%.
ott 2010
Using the bifilar pendulum as an example, this article shows how you can improve mass moments of inertia estimates by solving a more accurate nonlinear model.
mag 2010
EquuSys used MATLAB to develop an easy-to-use, non-invasive system for identifying and diagnosing equine lameness. The system processes telemetry data to provide objective data on equine biomechanics in the form of charts, 3-D plots, and animation.
mar 2009
Students use MATLAB and Simulink to process lab data and model and simulate open-and closed-loop systems. Simulink and Real-Time Windows Target enable them to connect control design theory with practical implementation.
feb 2009
At Virginia Military Institute, undergraduates complete digital signal processing labs and conduct independent research projects with MATLAB and Data Acquisition Toolbox.
ott 2008
Article Reprint from The MathWorks News & Notes, 2008: MATLAB based algorithms translate the millions of drive files accumulated by test vehicles into reports on vehicle performance and refueling infrastructure.
set 2008
Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University requires all students to take Computational Methods in Engineering during their freshman year.
ago 2007
MATLAB based Vectorized Test Program Sets enable engineers to apply, measure, and analyze vectors of input and output signals in parallel.
giu 2007
Many MATLAB users who analyze data, develop and verify algorithms, or create software applications leave the environment to import data from external hardware.  This extra step creates inefficiencies by forcing the user to manually transfer data.
mag 2007

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