From improving performance and product quality to reducing development time and advancing scientific discovery, MATLAB and Simulink help engineers and scientists overcome their most difficult research and technical challenges. See how users in industry and education are transforming the way they work using MATLAB and Simulink products.

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Featured User Stories

Lockheed Martin Space Systems IRIS
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Develops GN&C System for IRIS Satellite with Model-Based Design

Volvo Construction Equipment
Volvo Construction Equipment Streamlines Product Development with a Real-Time, Human-in-the-Loop Simulator

Microtech Develops and Tests Implantable Blood Pressure Sensor

Digital Globe
DigitalGlobe Simulates Complete Satellite-to-Ground Communications Systems

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In Users' Own Words

BT Optimizes System Performance of Femtocell Deployment  new
Researchers use MATLAB® to gain insights into performance of LTE small cell deployments.

SYMMYS and KKR Find Practical Quantitative Solutions to Problems in Risk and Portfolio Management  
Financial analysts use MATLAB® to analyze data in Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets and visualize the results.

Moog India Technology Centre Verifies and Validates Lateral Flight Control Electronics  
Engineers quickly repeat verification and validation for a control system design that was modified to resolve issues found during flight tests.

Technische Universität München Helps Aerospace Companies Adopt Model-Based Design  
Researchers at TUM help small companies in the region improve product development and comply with industry standards.

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