Image Acquisition Toolbox

Acquire images and video from industry-standard hardware

Image Acquisition Toolbox™ enables you to acquire images and video from cameras and frame grabbers directly into MATLAB® and Simulink®. You can detect hardware automatically, and configure hardware properties. Advanced workflows let you trigger acquisition while processing in-the-loop, perform background acquisition, and synchronize sampling across several multimodal devices. With support for multiple hardware vendors and industry standards, you can use imaging devices, ranging from inexpensive Web cameras to high-end scientific and industrial devices that meet low-light, high-speed, and other challenging requirements.

Device Connection

Establish and manage connection between image acquisition device and MATLAB

Image Preview and Device Configuration

Preview image and adjust acquisition parameters such as brightness, resolution, and region of interest (ROI)

Image Data Acquisition

Specify acquisition parameters and acquire image data

Image Acquisition in Simulink

Bring live video data into Simulink models, generate code

Creating Custom Adaptors

Use the Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptor Kit to create an adaptor

Hardware Support

Install support packages for image acquisition hardware