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Programowanie w MATLAB 2214

Programowanie w MATLAB

This book, written in Polish, was designed for students of technical universities and researchers. It contains numerous examples, exercises, and problems. Chapters include: Main parts of the MATLAB system, Description of the MATLAB language, 2D and 3D plotting of functions, Computation with vectors and matrices, Solving of ordinary differential equations, Numerical differentiation and integration, Interpolation and approximation, Applying MATLAB to elaboration of measurement results, and Exercises and tasks for self-reliant solutions.

Companion software available Companion Software: The authors have developed a set of MATLAB M-files that are available on a diskette bound into the book.

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Informazioni su Questo Libro

J. Brzózka
Lech Dorobczynski

MIKOM, 1998

ISBN: 83-7158-120-3
Language: Polish