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Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers, 3e

Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers, 3e

Written for use either in a freshman engineering course, or as a self-study text, or as a supplementary reference, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to MATLAB. The book begins with the essentials of MATLAB, and later focuses on advanced topics such as programming in MATLAB, plotting and model building, linear algebraic equations, probability, calculus, and differential equations. 

MATLAB, Simulink, and Control System Toolbox are used in numerous tutorial lessons and application examples. In addition, the revised third edition contains a chapter on the MuPAD notebook and Symbolic MathToolbox.

(Instructors may obtain a set of curriculum materials based on the book that include lecture slides, MATLAB and Simulink files, as well as the ability to request an evaluation copy of the textbook.)

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William J. Palm III, University of Rhode Island

McGraw-Hill, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-07-353487-9
Language: English