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Installing and Configuring Parallel Computing Toolbox and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Parallel Computing with MATLAB on a Cluster

Interaction between the Distributed Computing productsParallel computing with MATLAB on a cluster requires two products:

  • Parallel Computing Toolbox (formerly Distributed Computing Toolbox) should be installed on the computer where you write your applications.
  • MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (formerly MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine) should be installed on each computer of the cluster that performs the computation.

Install Products and Configure Your Cluster (latest release)

Read the system requirements for these products before proceeding.

Parallel Computing with MATLAB on a Single Machine

For setup on a single machine without a separate cluster, you can use the local cluster included with Parallel Computing Toolbox to run multiple workers on a single MATLAB client machine. This local cluster does not require a separate job scheduler or MATLAB Distributed Computing Server, so these instructions are not necessary.

If you want to run more workers than supported by a local cluster, install the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server as outlined in the instructions, installing and running everything on the same machine.

Installing Other Versions

To install other versions of these products, see instructions on Installing and Configuring Other Versions.


To install and configure these products, you must have an activated License File and a File Installation Key, which you download from the License Center at the appropriate time in the installation procedure.

Getting Help

If you have questions at any point in the installation, configuration, or licensing procedure, contact MathWorks Installation Support.