One System, Dozens of Devices and Controllers, Thousands of Parameters - Parallel Computing as an Enabler for System-Level Optimization

Loren Dean, MathWorks

Designing e-mobility systems means multiple devices, batteries, complex machines, multifaceted controllers, and thousands of parameters. And only some combinations will provide the energy efficiency and the dynamic that the vehicles' customers want.

So engineers need to develop and especially optimize on the system level, meaning hundreds and thousands of simulation and calculation runs. Parallel computing offers a way to realistically unleash this optimization potential while keeping tight schedules. The increased availability of multicore machines and clusters offers the potential to perform analyses on or from the engineer's computer. The term "stochastic methods" should no longer be an excuse for insufficient coverage of the search space. This session shows how parallel computing can be applied with MATLAB and Simulink to enable engineers to solve large problems more quickly and efficiently using multicore computers, clusters, and beyond.

Product Focus

  • Parallel Computing Toolbox

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