Verification and Validation in a Collaborative, Layered Design Environment for Embedded Software-Intensive Systems

Raymond Tinsel, DAF Trucks NV
Co Melissant, MonkeyProof Solutions BV

Confidence in correctness and fit-for-purpose of models of both the system-under-design and its environment are key to the success of any model-based approach to systems engineering. With the growing need for complex safety-critical systems in automotive, bidirectional traceability between implementation and tests, and related requirement(s) or change requests, is of growing importance, as is the ability to perform regression testing.

This session demonstrates a lean but scalable, engineer-friendly (single environment, easy navigation) and management-friendly (automated data integrity checking and reporting, role-based permissions) approach to get to a fully verified and validated model-based system design. We take a close look at a pragmatic and manageable, layered, top-down Model-Based Design and engineering process as well as the tool suite and configuration that support and control it.

The process and tool suite are MATLAB-, Simulink-, and code generation–centric and build on top of the available verification and validation capabilities of these tools. Database functionality is used to establish and maintain a central truth and to control permissions as required in a collaborative environment. Version control and audit trails are applied throughout the process. A controlled environment is created without loss of flexibility required in innovation.

The presented combination of process and tool suite has been successfully tailored and implemented in production environments in joint efforts between MonkeyProof Solutions BV and its automotive OEM and tier-1 customers. The level of adoption of the approach is flexible, ranging from creating executable specs for a supplier to in-house production code generation. The discussed approach is usually implemented in stages to enable a smooth transition and to minimize risk.

Product Focus

  • Simulink

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