News for the MATLAB and Simulink community

October 2019

Signal Processing and Advanced Image Reconstruction Improves Cancer Treatments

“A cancer cell emits a signal. So why can’t we just shoot right back with radiation to destroy it?”

R2019b delivers new features in MATLAB, major updates to Simulink, two new products, and updates to all other products.

Highlights include:

  • Simulink toolstrip for accessing and discovering Simulink capabilities when you need them
  • Live Editor Tasks for interactively exploring parameters, immediately seeing results, and generating code for data preprocessing steps in your workflow
  • ROS Toolbox, a new product for designing, simulating, and deploying ROS-based applications

5G Explained

This video series offers deep dives into the technologies and concepts behind the 5G New Radio physical layer standard.

Managing Projects in MATLAB and Simulink

  • Automate tasks, processes, and file management
  • Analyze dependencies and the impact of file changes
  • Integrate with source control