Lunch and Learn:
Parallel and GPU Computing with MATLAB

Event Type Start Time End Time
Webex 9 Jun 2020 - 12:30 9 Jun 2020 - 14:00


The Campus Wide License allows full access to tools for the solution of computationally and data-intensive problems.

Learn how to speed Up MATLAB applications by exploiting full processing power of multicore computers and, without changing the code, scale the same applications running them on clusters or clouds.

Also, learn how to process big data and execute matrix calculations that are too large to fit into the memory of a single machine and how to Accelerate MATLAB with GPUs.


  • Introduction to parallel computing with MATLAB
  • Prerequisites and Setting Up
  • Techniques to speed up MATLAB code
  • Parallelizing Computations 
    • Built-in support with Toolboxes
    • Simple programming constructs
    • Advanced programming constructs
    • Parallelizing Simulations in Simulink
    • Mex file generation
  • Offloading executions
  • Scaling to Clusters and Cloud
    • Local and remote clusters
    • Cluster Discovery and connection
    • Generating mex files on clusters
  • Distributed Arrays
  • GPU Computing
  • Q&A 

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