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Quanser Lab Workstation Support from Simulink

Hardware experiments, data acquisition cards, and Simulink models for teaching controls, mechatronics, and robotics

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You can use Simulink® with Quanser lab workstations to implement interactive project-based learning into your control systems and mechatronics curriculum. Using Simulink models with these lab workstations helps students perform up-front explorations before connecting with hardware. This approach teaches how to reduce design iterations and develop control systems easily.

Quanser lab workstations provide mix-and-match components that help you create scalable systems to suit your classroom requirements. With these lab workstations, you can develop long-term, undergraduate classroom instruction or conduct ongoing research at the master level.

Quanser lab workstations encompass:

  • Course materials for teaching control theories with real-life applications
  • Control experiments with linear systems, rotary motion, mechatronics, and robotics for implementing and evaluating feedback using PID, H-infinity, fuzzy, neural network, adaptive, and nonlinear controllers
  • PCI-based or USB-based boards, compatible with MATLAB® and Simulink, for data acquisition and control system optimization
  • Voltage and current amplifiers for reliable real-time system performance
  • Quanser QUARC software, integrated with Simulink, for real-time connectivity between Simulink models and Quanser hardware

Using Quanser lab workstations, you can demonstrate a variety of controller implementations such as real-time on Windows, dedicated processor, and distributed control. Using Simulink in external mode, you can tune controller parameters and monitor signals on-the-fly, directly from the Simulink block diagram. Students gain hands-on experience with industry practices such as rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop testing and simulation.

Supported in student software.

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