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Space Applications

Model and visualize satellite scenarios using a satelliteScenario object; use functions to support Aerospace Blockset™ spacecraft

Generate satellite scenarios to model and visualize satellites in orbit and perform additional analyses, such as computing access with ground stations. You can directly call satelliteScenario and satellliteScenarioViewer objects. To create objects for other classes, use their object creation functions (for example, satellite for a Satellite object and groundStation for a GroundStation object).


satelliteScenarioSatellite scenario
satelliteScenarioViewerCreate viewer for satellite scenario
AccessAccess analysis object belonging to scenario
ConicalSensorConical sensor object belonging to satellite scenario
FieldOfViewField of view object belonging to satellite scenario
GimbalGimbal object belonging to satellite scenario
GroundStationGround station object belonging to satellite scenario
SatelliteSatellite in satellite scenario
GroundTrackGround track object belonging to satellite in scenario


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advanceMove simulation forward by one sample time
aerCalculate azimuth angle, elevation angle, and range of another satellite or ground station in NED frame
hideHide satellite scenario entity from viewer
orbitalElementsOrbital elements of satellites in scenario
playPlay satellite scenario simulation results on viewer
restartRestart simulation from beginning
showShow object in satellite scenario viewer
statesObtain position and velocity of satellite
camheadingSet or get heading angle of camera for Satellite Scenario Viewer
camheightSet or get height of camera for Satellite Scenario Viewer
campitchSet or get pitch angle of camera for Satellite Scenario Viewer
camposSet or get position of camera for Satellite Scenario Viewer
camrollSet or get roll angle of camera for Satellite Scenario Viewer
camtargetSet camera target for Satellite Scenario Viewer
hideAllHide all graphics in satellite scenario viewer
showAllShow all graphics in viewer
accessIntervalsIntervals during which access status is true
accessPercentagePercentage of time when access exists between first and last node in access analysis
accessStatusStatus of access between first and last node defining access analysis
gimbalAnglesSteering angles of gimbal
pointAtPoint satellite at target
ecef2eciPosition and velocity vectors in Earth-centered inertial mean-equator mean-equinox
eci2ecefPosition, velocity, and acceleration vectors in Earth-centered Earth-fixed (ECEF) coordinate system
ijk2keplerianKeplerian orbit elements using position and velocity vectors
keplerian2ijkPosition and velocity vectors in geocentric equatorial coordinate system using Keplerian orbit elements
siderealTimeGreenwich mean and apparent sidereal times