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Calculate area of 2-D shapes in square meters



area(shape) calculates area in sq.m of the specified shape.


a = area(shape) calculates and returns area in sq.m of the specified shape.


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Create a rectangle with a length of 0.15 m, and a width of 0.15 m.

r  = antenna.Rectangle(Length=0.15,Width=0.15);

Create a second rectangle with a length of 0.05 m, and a width of 0.05 m. Set the center of the second rectangle at half the length of the first rectangle r.

n = antenna.Rectangle(Center=[0.075,0],Length=0.05,Width=0.05);

Create and view a notched rectangle by subtracting n from r.

rn  = r-n;

Calculate the area of the notched rectangle.

ans = 0.0212

This example shows how to calculate the area of a custom shape created using an rectangle and a circle.

Create a rectangular and a circular shape.

r = shape.Rectangle;
c = shape.Circle;

Intersect these two shapes to create a custom shape.

s = r & c;

Calculate the area in sq.m of the resultant shape.

ans = 1.9056

Input Arguments

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2-D shape created using shape objects such as:

  • antenna.Rectangle, antenna.Circle, antenna.Ellipse, and antenna.Polygon, and antenna.Triangle.

  • shape.Rectangle, shape.Circle, shape.Ellipse, and shape.Polygon

Example: antenna.Rectangle(Length=2, Width=4)

Example: shape.Polygon

Output Arguments

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Area in sq.m of the specified shape returned as a double.

Example: 3.11

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2017a