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Catalog of metals

Since R2021a



    mc = MetalCatalog creates an object handle for the metal catalog.

    • To open the metal catalog, use open(mc)

    • To see the properties of a metal from the metal catalog, use s = find(mc,name).


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    Open the metal catalog.

    mc = MetalCatalog;

    List the properties of the metal material Brass.

    s = find(mc,"Brass")
    s = struct with fields:
                Name: 'Brass'
        Conductivity: 15900000
           Thickness: 0.6800
               Units: 'mm'
            Comments: ''

    Use the material Brass as a metal in a corrugated horn antenna.

    m = metal("Brass");
    ant = hornCorrugated(Conductor=m)
    ant = 
      hornCorrugated with properties:
                   FlareLength: 0.0428
                    FlareWidth: 0.0900
                   FlareHeight: 0.0800
                        Length: 0.0229
                         Width: 0.0102
                        Height: 0.0075
                     FeedWidth: 8.0000e-05
                    FeedHeight: 0.0037
                    FeedOffset: [-0.0020 0]
        FirstCorrugateDistance: 0.0160
                CorrugateDepth: [0.0050 0.0100]
                CorrugateWidth: 0.0030
                         Pitch: 0.0060
                     Conductor: [1x1 metal]
                          Tilt: 0
                      TiltAxis: [1 0 0]
                          Load: [1x1 lumpedElement]

    View the antenna using show function.


    Open the metal catalog using MetalCatalog function. To add a new material to the metal catalog, click on the row addition icon.


    A duplicate record of the metal material appears below the selected row.


    You can change the record by setting a desired name, conductivity and thickness of the material to customize.


    You can access the new added metal material by using metal object.

    Input Arguments

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    Name of the metal from the metal catalog, specified as a string.

    Example: "Copper"

    Data Types: string

    Metal catalog, specified as an object.

    Data Types: string

    Output Arguments

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    Metal catalog, returned as an object.

    Properties of the specified metal from the metal catalog, returned as a structure.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a