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MATLAB in the Cloud

Run MATLAB® in different cloud environments using reference architectures for Amazon® Web Services and Microsoft® Azure® or the MATLAB Deep Learning Container for NVIDIA® GPU Cloud

Use the reference architecture and the MATLAB Deep Learning Container to run MATLAB in the cloud without advanced configuration.

For instructions on configuring your license for use with the MATLAB Deep Learning Container, see MathWorks Containers Licensing in the Cloud (Licensing on Cloud Platforms).

  • MATLAB in Azure Marketplace
    Run MATLAB and MATLAB Parallel Server™ in Azure using the bring-your-own-license (BYOL) software plans developed by MathWorks® for Azure Marketplace
  • MathWorks Containers
    Build or use a prebuilt Docker® container image to deploy MATLAB on the cloud or in server environments
  • Reference Architectures for MATLAB in the Cloud
    Use reference architecture templates to run MATLAB, MATLAB Parallel Server, and MATLAB Production Server™ in the cloud on Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure®