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Connect to the OPC HDA Server

OPC HDA client objects are not automatically connected to the server when they are created. You can see this from the Status property of the client object.

Use the connect function to connect an OPC HDA client object to the server at the command line:


When connected, the client object properties update to show certain server properties:

hdaClient = 
OPC HDA Client localhost/Matrikon.OPC.Simulation.1:
               Host: localhost
           ServerID: Matrikon.OPC.Simulation.1
            Timeout: 10 seconds

             Status: connected

         Aggregates: 6 Aggregate Types
     ItemAttributes: 10 Item Attributes

Browse the OPC Server Name Space

A connected client object allows you to interact with the OPC server to obtain information about the name space of that server. The server name space provides access to all the data points provided by the OPC server by naming each data point, and then arranging those server items into a name space that provides a unique identifier for each item. See Retrieve an OPC HDA Server Name Space.