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Install Network License Manager Offline

Use a network license file to install the network license manager on a computer that is not connected to the Internet. You must download the installer and the license file from a computer that does have an Internet connection.

You must install the license manager and have it up and running before you install MATLAB® software on client computers.

You only need to install the network license manager one time at a site. For information about installing MathWorks® software on client computers, see Plan Your Network Installation.

Step 1. Download License File

Perform these steps on a computer that is connected to the Internet.

  1. Go to the License Center. Sign in to your MathWorks Account, if prompted.

  2. Click the network license you'll be using.

  3. Click the Install and Activate tab and then click Activate to Retrieve License File.

  4. Obtain the host ID of the computer on which you intend to run the network license manager. The following support article contains instructions for finding your host ID: "What is a Host ID?".

  5. Specify the operating system type and host ID of the computer on which you intend to run the network license manager. You can optionally assign a descriptive label to the activation as well. Click Continue.

  6. Answer "No" to Is the software installed?. Click Continue.

  7. Select either Download License File or Email License File.

    Whichever option you selected, remember to save the license file to the server where you will be installing the network license manager.

    Click Continue.

For this workflow, you can skip steps 2 and 3 in the License Center and continue following these instructions.

Step 2. Download the Installer

  1. Download the installer from the

    When you select an installer on the website, you receive the files that the installer needs in order to run on your selected platform, not the product files. The installer downloads the products that it needs from MathWorks during installation.

  2. Copy the installer and the license file you downloaded to the server where you will be installing the network license manager.

Step 3: Start the Installer

  1. Start the installer.

    • Windows®

      If you click Run when you select the installer on the MathWorks website, the installer starts automatically. If you saved the installer instead, double-click the self-extracting installer file in the folder where you saved it. The name of the self-extracting installer file is matlab_release_$ARCH, where release is the release you are installing (for example, R2021a) and $ARCH is the selected architecture.

      The installer should start automatically after file extraction is complete.

      To restart the installer later, click setup.exe. This file is located in the top level of the folder where you extracted the files.

    • macOS

      Double-click the dmg file that you downloaded from the MathWorks website. Double-click

    • Linux®

      Use the unzip command to extract the files from the archive file that you downloaded from the MathWorks website. After extracting the files, execute the installer command:


  2. If you do not have an Internet connection, the installer will automatically begin the installation with the File Installation Key workflow. Click Advanced Options > I want to install network license manager.

Step 4: Review the Software License Agreement

Review the software license agreement and, if you agree with the terms, select Yes and click Next.

Step 5: Select License File

Provide the name and path to the license file that you downloaded in Step 1. Click Next.

If the installer can't find the hostid in the license, you'll get a message letting you know you must manually add it after you finish installing.

Step 6: Select Destination Folder

The destination folder is where you want to install the network license manager.

  • Accept the default installation folder, or click Browse to select a different one. If the folder does not exist, the installer creates it.

  • The destination folder must be on an absolute path.

  • MathWorks recommends that you install the network license manager in its own folder. If you select the top-level drive, you will be asked to confirm your selection.

  • When specifying a folder name:

    • You can use any alphanumeric character and some special characters, such as underscores.

    • You cannot use non-English characters.

    • Folder names cannot contain invalid characters and the destination cannot be named “private.”

If you make a mistake while entering a folder name and want to start over, click Restore Default.

Step 8: Select Options (Windows Only)

Select Configure as service if you want the license manager to launch every time you start the computer.

Step 9: Confirm Selections and Install

This screen displays the summary of your installation choices. To change a setting, click the topic on the navigation bar. To proceed with the installation, click Begin Install.

When the installation is complete, note if the installer shows you any additional steps required to complete configuration, and click Close. If there were additional required steps, complete them before installing and running MATLAB on client computers.

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