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Geographic Globe

Display lines and markers over custom basemaps and terrain

Visualize data using lines and markers on a geographic globe. For example, display flight trajectories over high-zoom-level basemaps and GPS data over terrain. Plot height data with respect to the geoid, terrain, or reference ellipsoid. Navigate the globe interactively, or change your view programmatically by setting the camera position and camera rotation angles.


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Create Geographic Globe

geoglobeCreate geographic globe
GeographicGlobeControl geographic globe appearance and behavior

Plot Lines and Markers

geoplot3Geographic globe plot
Line PropertiesGeographic line appearance and behavior
camposSet or query position of camera for geographic globe
camheightSet or query height of camera for geographic globe
camheadingSet or query heading angle of camera for geographic globe
campitchSet or query pitch angle of camera for geographic globe
camrollSet or query roll angle of camera for geographic globe
addCustomBasemapAdd custom basemap
addCustomTerrainAdd custom terrain data
removeCustomBasemapRemove custom basemap
removeCustomTerrainRemove custom terrain data


Access Basemaps and Terrain for Geographic Globe

The geographic globe plots data over basemaps and terrain. Download some of these basemaps or add custom basemaps and terrain.

Find Ellipsoidal Height from Orthometric Height

Find the ellipsoidal height of a point by using its orthometric height and a geoid model.

Create Interactive Basemap Picker

Interactively change the basemap of a geographic globe by using a drop-down menu.

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