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(Removed) Project point markers with variable size

The symbolm function has been removed. Use the scatterm function instead.


h = symbolm(...)


symbolm(lat,lon,z,'MarkerType') constructs a thematic map where the symbol size of each data point (lat, lon) is proportional to it weighting factor (z). The point corresponding to min(z) is drawn at the default marker size, and all other points are plotted with proportionally larger markers. MarkerType specifies the marker and optionally a color. For more information, see Markers and Colors.

symbolm(lat,lon,z,'MarkerType','PropertyName',PropertyValue,...) applies the line properties to all the symbols drawn.

h = symbolm(...) returns a vector of handles to the projected symbols. Each symbol is projected as an individual line object.

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Markers and Colors

Specify the marker and color as a character vector or string containing symbols. The symbols can appear in any order. You do not need to specify a color. For example, specify a red plus sign using 'r+'.

MarkerDescriptionResulting Marker

Sample of circle marker

'+'Plus sign

Sample of plus sign marker


Sample of asterisk marker


Sample of point marker


Sample of cross marker

'_'Horizontal line

Sample of horizontal line marker

'|'Vertical line

Sample of vertical line marker


Sample of square marker


Sample of diamond line marker

'^'Upward-pointing triangle

Sample of upward-pointing triangle marker

'v'Downward-pointing triangle

Sample of downward-pointing triangle marker

'>'Right-pointing triangle

Sample of right-pointing triangle marker

'<'Left-pointing triangle

Sample of left-pointing triangle marker


Sample of pentagram marker


Sample of hexagram marker

Color NameShort NameAppearance

Sample of the color red


Sample of the color green


Sample of the color blue

'cyan' 'c'

Sample of the color cyan


Sample of the color magenta


Sample of the color yellow


Sample of the color black


Sample of the color white

Version History

Introduced before R2006a