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Set Up MATLAB Online Server After Installation

After installing MATLAB® Online Server™ using the instructions provided in Installation, you must perform several post-installation configuration tasks before users can access MATLAB Online™.

Configure User Authentication

To authenticate user access in MATLAB Online Server, you must configure an identity provider that MATLAB Online Server can use to authenticate users. The identity provider allows the use of organizational credentials through either a username and password prompt or a single sign-on password.

For details on configuring your identity provider, see Configure User Authentication in MATLAB Online Server.

Configure File Storage for Users

By default, user storage is ephemeral. After a user signs out of a session, all data inside the directory is deleted permanently. To enable persistent storage, you can specify storage profiles on your NFS drives. Alternatively, you can use persistent volumes to provide per-user storage, shared storage, or a combination of the two.

To enable persistent storage and to configure which drives, directories, and files are available to users after they log in, see Configure File Storage for Users in MATLAB Online Server.

Configure MATLAB

MATLAB Online Server can support multiple versions of MATLAB. These versions can correspond to a specific release (for example, R2023b) or to a release with a specific configuration (for example, R2023b with GPU support). After users sign in, they can select from any MATLAB versions to which they have access through a version chooser UI that you set up.

During this configuration process, at a minimum, you must specify the license server used to check out MATLAB licenses. If your server supports multiple MATLAB versions, you must also:

  • Specify which MATLAB documentation release to serve across all MATLAB versions.

  • Specify a unique display name for each MATLAB version. This display name appears in the browser title bar and the version chooser UI.

  • Configure which user groups are allowed to access the different versions of MATLAB.

For details on configuring one or more MATLAB versions, see Configure MATLAB in MATLAB Online Server.

Add Software Dependencies

By default, MATLAB Online Server mounts MATLAB from a Docker® image that is embedded in the server. This image does not contain the software dependencies that might be required for certain MATLAB workflows, such as a compiler for code generation. To add these dependencies, see Add Software Dependencies to MATLAB Image.

Customize MATLAB Online Login Screen

MATLAB Online Server users can access MATLAB over the web through MATLAB Online as soon as they log in with their company credentials. You can customize this login screen to display, for example, the name and logo of your company. For details, see Customize MATLAB Online Login Screen.

Additional Configuration Options

Depending on your server setup, you might need to perform additional configuration steps. For example, you can configure high-availability for the server and control network communication between the server and other applications in your organization. For a complete list of configuration options, see Setup and Configuration.

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