Create mobiledev object to acquire data from iOS sensors



m = mobiledev creates an object m that reads sensor data from an iOS device running MATLAB® Mobile™ that is connected to the same network as a computer running MATLAB. The object can read data from five types of sensors: acceleration, angular velocity, orientation, magnetic field, and position.


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This example assumes that you have already installed and set up MATLAB Mobile on your iOS device and connected it to your computer running MATLAB. If you have not, see Install MATLAB Mobile on Your Apple iOS Device.

Start MATLAB Mobile on your iOS device.

On the Sensors screen, tap the sensors that you want to send data from.

Place the device where you want to get the sensor data.

In MATLAB on your computer, create a mobiledev object, m.

m = mobiledev
mobiledev with properties:

                   Connected: 1
                     Logging: 0
            InitialTimestamp: ''

   AccelerationSensorEnabled: 1
AngularVelocitySensorEnabled: 1
  MagneticFieldSensorEnabled: 1
    OrientationSensorEnabled: 1
       PositionSensorEnabled: 1

Supported functions

In the display that is shown when you create the object, a value of 1 means enabled or on, and 0 means not enabled or off. The device and computer are connected, but data is not being sent (logged) yet.

To begin logging data, enable the Logging property.

m.Logging = 1

This action starts the transmitting of data from all selected sensors.

Introduced in R2015a