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opc.hda.AggregateTypes class

Package: opc.hda

OPC HDA server aggregate types


You do not create AggregateTypes objects directly; instead, when you connect an OPC HDA client to the server, the Aggregates property is automatically populated with available aggregate types for that server.


getDescription Get description of OPC HDA aggregate type or item attribute
getIDFromNameTranslate OPC HDA aggregate type or item attribute name to numeric identifier
getIDListGet all aggregate type or item attribute IDs
getNameListGet all aggregate type or item attribute names


AggregateTypes objects have no generic user-visible properties. Instead, each available aggregate type is created as a property. For example, if the server supports the TIMEAVERAGE aggregate type, the AggregateTypes object stored in the Aggregates property of a client connected to that server has a property named TIMEAVERAGE with its value set to the numeric ID of that attribute.

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