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(To be removed) Select solver and optimization options, run problems

optimtool will be removed in a future release. Use Optimize or the problem-based approach instead.




Optimization app for selecting solver and options.


The Optimization app warns that it will be removed in a future release. Use Optimize or the problem-based approach instead.

optimtool opens the Optimization app. Use the Optimization app to select a solver, optimization options, and run problems. See Optimization App for a complete description of the Optimization app.

The Optimization app can be used to run any Optimization Toolbox™ solver except intlinprog and coneprog, and any Global Optimization Toolbox solver except particleswarm, surrogateopt, GlobalSearch, and MultiStart. Results can be exported to a file or to the MATLAB® workspace as a structure.

optimtool(optstruct) starts the Optimization app and loads optstruct. optstruct can be either optimization options or an optimization problem structure. Create optimization options with the optimoptions or optimset function, or by using the export option from the Optimization app. Create a problem structure by exporting the problem from the Optimization app to the MATLAB workspace. If you have Global Optimization Toolbox, you can create a problem structure for fmincon, fminunc, lsqnonlin, or lsqcurvefit using the createOptimProblem (Global Optimization Toolbox) function.

optimtool('solver') starts the Optimization app with the specified solver, identified as a character vector, and the corresponding default options and problem fields. All Optimization Toolbox and Global Optimization Toolbox solvers are valid inputs to the optimtool function, except for coneprog, GlobalSearch, intlinprog, MultiStart, particleswarm, and surrogateopt.

Compatibility Considerations

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Warns starting in R2015b

Introduced in R2006b