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Manager for GPU Devices


parallel.gpu.GPUDeviceManager provides events that indicate when a GPU device has been selected or deselected. These events also fire when a GPU device is reset. There is only a single instance of the parallel.gpu.GPUDeviceManager available in a given MATLAB session, and it is obtained using the method parallel.gpu.GPUDeviceManager.instance.


Events of the class include the following:

Event NameDescription
DeviceSelectedFired after a GPU device is selected.
DeviceDeselectingFired just before a GPU device is deselected.


A GPUDeviceManager object has one property:

Property NameDescription
SelectedDeviceContains the currently selected GPU Device.


Methods of the class include the following:

Method NameDescription
getDeviceCountReturns the number of GPU devices available.
selectDeviceSelects a GPU device.

Introduced in R2016a