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Simulation and Analysis

Performance improvement, analysis tools and techniques

Analyze, tabulate, and plot harmonic data using analysis functions and Simscape™ logging variables. Simulate thermal losses due to switching events and conduction losses in semiconductors. Perform a load-flow analysis and use the results to initialize AC steady state simulation.

Simscape Blocks

BusbarLoad flow analysis busbar connector
Load Flow SourceThree-phase voltage source for performing load flow analysis


ee_calculateFluxPartialDerivativesCalculate flux partial derivatives for FEM-Parameterized PMSM block
ee_calculateThdPercentCompute the total harmonic distortion (THD) percentage
ee_getEfficiencyCalculate efficiency as function of dissipated power losses
ee_generateIdealPMSMfluxDataGenerate tabulated flux linkage data for ideal PMSM
ee_getHarmonicsReturn harmonic orders, magnitudes, and fundamental frequency
ee_getNodeDvDtSummaryCalculate maximum absolute values of terminal voltage time derivatives (dv/dt) based on logged simulation data
ee_getNodeDvDtTimeSeriesCalculate rates-of-change of voltage variables
ee_getPowerLossSummaryCalculate dissipated power losses
ee_getPowerLossTimeSeriesCalculate dissipated power losses and return time series data
ee_plotHarmonicsPlot percentage of fundamental magnitude versus harmonic order

Analysis Tools

Load-Flow AnalyzerDetermine the steady-state voltage magnitudes and angles and real and reactive power flows for a three-phase AC network


Examine the Simulation Data Logging Configuration of a Model

Determine if data logging is enabled for your model.

Choose a Simscape Electrical Function for an Offline Harmonic Analysis

Explore the capabilities of Simscape Electrical™ harmonic analysis functions.

Perform an Online Harmonic Analysis Using the Simscape Spectrum Analyzer Block

Learn how to analyze harmonic distortion using the Spectrum Analyzer block.

Perform a Power-Loss Analysis

Calculate power losses for Simscape Electrical semiconductor blocks.

Perform a Load-Flow Analysis Using Simscape Electrical

Learn how to perform a power-flow, or load-flow, analysis for a three-phase Simscape Electrical network using .

Optimize Block Settings for Simulating with the Partitioning Solver

Avoid simulation errors by configuring models for simulation with the specific solvers by using the ee_updateSolver function.

Phasor-Mode Simulation Using Simscape Components

Configure your model to use frequency-time equation formulation.

Featured Examples