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Import IPMSM Flux Linkage Data from Motor-CAD

This example shows how you can import a motor design from Motor-CAD into a Simscape™ simulation.

Flux Linkage Data

There are two approaches to importing flux linkage from Motor-CAD, both of which are demonstrated by this example. The first approach is to extract data using the Motor-CAD ActiveX interface, and this is implemented by the script ee_import_fem_motorcad_data.m. The second is to export the flux linkage and iron loss data to a MATLAB® data file using the Motor-CAD saturation and loss map export utility. This is implemented by the script ee_import_fem_motorcad_sat_loss_map.m.


Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plot below shows the simulated open-circuit voltages. Notice the nonlinear back EMF profile that would not be captured if using a simplified PMSM model with fixed back EMF constant.