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Create Standalone Applications using SimBiology Desktop

Create standalone applications for model distribution and simulation.

You can create standalone applications for model distribution and simulation from the SimBiology® desktop. The application can be an executable that runs outside of MATLAB® or a MATLAB app. To deploy a standalone application, you need MATLAB Compiler™.

To build an executable for model simulation, first add a simulation task and open it. Then in the Task Editor, on the Editor tab, select Create App > Deploy. For a MATLAB app, select Create App > Package as MATLAB App.

You can include model exploration tools in the application, such as sliders to adjust quantity values and dose schedules, as well as calculated statistics. To test the user interface and see the final deployed application or MATLAB app, select Create App > Launch.

To run standalone applications, install the MATLAB Runtime in a target computer. For details, see Install and Configure the MATLAB Runtime (MATLAB Compiler). Standalone applications run on Windows®, Linux®, and Mac.