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get (any object)

Get object properties


objProperties = get(Obj)
PropertyValue = get(Obj, PropertyName)
PropertyValues = get(Obj,PropertyArray)



Property value of PropertyName.


  • Abstract kinetic law, compartment, configuration set, event, kinetic law, model, parameter, PKCompartment, PKData, PKModelDesign PKModelMap, reaction, rule, SimData, species, or variant object.

  • Array of objects.


Name of the property.


Structure (or structure array) containing all properties and values of the object(s), Obj.


Cell array of property names.


m-by-n cell array, where m is the number of objects in obj and n is the number of property names in PropertyArray.


objProperties = get(Obj) returns all properties and property values of Obj.

PropertyValue = get(Obj, PropertyName) returns the value of specific property, PropertyName. Use quotes around the property name, for example, get(model,'Name'). If Obj is an array of objects, PropertyValue is a m-by-1 cell array of property values, where m is the number of objects in Obj.

PropertyValues = get(Obj,PropertyArray) returns a cell array of property values for the properties in PropertyArray.


Get Model Dosing Information

Load the bioavailability model.


Retrieve the name of the model.

modelName = get(m1,'Name')
modelName = 
'Bioavailability Model'

Check the dosing information.

   SimBiology Dose Array

   Index:    Name:        Type:
   1         Oral dose    schedule
   2         IV Dose      schedule

Retrieve the TimeUnits and AmountUnits properties of the first (Oral) dose.

propValues = get(m1.Doses(1),{'TimeUnits','AmountUnits'})
propValues = 1x2 cell array
    {'hour'}    {'milligram'}

Retrieve the properties of both Oral and IV doses.

propValues = get(m1.Doses,{'TimeUnits','AmountUnits'})
propValues = 2x2 cell array
    {'hour'}    {'milligram'}
    {'hour'}    {'milligram'}

Introduced in R2008b