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Cell array of species in reaction rate equation


The SpeciesVariableNames property shows the species used by the kinetic law object to determine the ReactionRate equation in the reaction object. Use setspecies to assign SpeciesVariableNames. When you assign species to SpeciesVariableNames, SimBiology® software maps these species names to SpeciesVariables in the kinetic law object.

The ReactionRate property of a reaction object shows the result of a mapping from kinetic law definition. The ReactionRate is determined by the kinetic law object Expression property by mapping ParameterVariableNames to ParameterVariables and SpeciesVariableNames to SpeciesVariables.


Applies toObject: kinetic law
Data typeCell array of character vectors
Data valuesCell array of species names


Create a model, add a reaction, and assign the SpeciesVariableNames for the reaction rate equation.

  1. Create a model object, and then add a reaction object.

    modelObj = sbiomodel('my_model');
    reactionObj = addreaction(modelObj, 'a -> c + d');
  2. Create a kinetic law object for the reaction object, of the type 'Henri-Michaelis-Menten'

    kineticlawObj = addkineticlaw(reactionObj, 'Henri-Michaelis-Menten');

    The reactionObj KineticLaw property is configured to kineticlawObj.

  3. The 'Henri-Michaelis-Menten' kinetic law has one species variable (S) that you should set. To set this variable:

    setspecies(kineticlawObj,'S', 'a');
  4. Verify that the species variable is correct.

    get (kineticlawObj, 'SpeciesVariableNames')

    MATLAB® returns:

    ans =