Recommendations for Automation Tools

These recommendations are for companies who develop tools that automate checking of the style guidelines. The MathWorks® Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB) developed these recommendations for tool vendors who create tools developed with MathWorks tools that check models against these guidelines. To provide maximum information to potential users of the tools, the MAAB strongly recommends that tool vendors provide a compliance matrix that is easily accessible while the tool is running. This information should be available without a need to purchase the tool.

The compliance matrix should include the following information:

  • Version of the guidelines that are checked – shall include the complete title, as found on the title page of this document.

    Include the MAAB Style Guidelines Title and Version document number.

  • Table consisting of the following information for each guideline:

    • Guideline ID

    • Guideline title

    • Level of compliance

    • Detail

The guideline ID and title shall be exactly as included in this document. The level of compliance shall be one of the following:

CorrectionThe tool checks and automatically or semiautomatically corrects the noncompliance.
CheckThe tool checks and flags noncompliance. It is the developer’s responsibility to make the correction.
PartialThe tool checks part of the guideline. The detail section should clearly identify what is and what is not checked.
NoneThe tool does not check the guideline. The MAAB recommends that the vendor provide a recommendation of how to manually check guidelines that the tool does not check.