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Requirements Modeling

Model and verify design requirements using property proving


Proof AssumptionConstrain signal values when proving model properties
Proof ObjectiveDefine objectives that signals must satisfy when proving model properties
AssertionCheck whether signal is zero
DetectorDetect true duration on input and construct output true duration based on output type
ExtenderExtend true duration of input
ImpliesSpecify condition that produces a certain response
Within ImpliesVerify response occurs within desired duration
Verification SubsystemSpecify proof or test objectives without impacting simulation results or generated code


sldv.assumeProof assumption function for Stateflow charts and MATLAB Function blocks
sldv.proveProof objective function for Stateflow charts and MATLAB Function blocks
sldvextractExtract subsystem or subchart contents into new model for analysis
sldvoptionsCreate design verification options object
sldvrunAnalyze model
sldvreportGenerate Simulink Design Verifier report