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Implement on Device

Generate code and deploy SoC applications on SoC device

SoC Blockset™ exports reference designs for ASICs, FPGAs, and systems on a chip (SoC) by using Xilinx® and Intel® design tools. Automatically generate hardware and software code, and execute on an SoC device by using the SoC Builder tool. Code generation requires HDL Coder™, Embedded Coder®, or both.


Memory MapperConfigure memory map for SoC application
SoC BuilderBuild, load, and execute SoC model on SoC-FPGA board

Simulink Configuration Parameters


Generate SoC Design

Generate an SoC design and run it on an SoC device using the SoC Builder tool.

Code Generation of Software Tasks

Mapping between tasks in an SoC application model and threads in generated code.

Supported Third-Party Tools and Hardware

Version support for third-party tools

Featured Examples