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Simulate Task Execution

Simulate task execution timing, preemption, overruns, drops, and core utilization

Simulate the software system of your SoC application by running Simulink® models containing timer and event driven tasks. Visualize task execution timing, preemption, overruns, drops, and core utilization by using Simulation Data Inspector. Use task execution timing data captured from previous simulations or directly from SoC devices to replay task executions in simulation.


Task ManagerCreate and manage task executions in Simulink model
Testbench TaskAn external timer-driven task load on your SoC processor application
Event SourceSimulate and playback recorded task events

Simulink Configuration Parameters


socTaskTimesPlot histogram of the task durations from a recorded Simulation Data Inspector run


Task Overruns and Countermeasures

Simulation of task execution experiencing overruns and countermeasures available to either prevent or mitigate overruns.

Task Priority and Preemption

Use Task Manager block to set task priorities and define task execution order with preemption.

Multicore Execution and Core Visualization

Configure and visualize task execution for single and multicore processor systems.

Multiprocessor Execution

Configure and run SoC models to simulate a multiprocessor architecture with independent processes.

Task Execution Playback Using Recorded Data

Replay task execution timing using recorded task timing data from previous simulations or processors.

Recording Tasks for Use in Simulation

Task execution timing data and statistics recorded during simulation or from hardware.

Task Visualization in Simulation Data Inspector

Visualize the timing and execution states of tasks in the Simulation Data Inspector.

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