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Task Execution

Create processor system in your SoC application model

Use SoC Blockset™ to create Simulink® models for the software side your SoC application. Encapsulate your algorithms as a collection of timer-driven and event-driven task subsystems. Define the timing and duration characteristics for your tasks.


Task ManagerCreate and manage task executions in Simulink model

Simulink Configuration Parameters


What is Task Execution?

Learn the SoC Blockset definition of task execution and task life-cycle in a processor.

Timer-Driven Task

Create Simulink models with timer-driven task subsystems.

Event-Driven Tasks

Create Simulink models with event driven task subsystems.

Task Duration

Set the execution time or duration of a task in Task Manager block.

Kernel Latency

Specify the kernel response time or latency to start a task execution instance.

Value and Caching of Task Subsystem Signals

Signals entering and exiting task subsystems can capture Task Manager block.

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