Task Execution

Create processor system in your SoC application model

Use SoC Blockset™ to create Simulink® models of the software in your SoC application. Encapsulate your algorithms as a collection of timer-driven and event-driven task subsystems. Define the timing and duration characteristics for your tasks.


Task ManagerCreate and manage task executions in Simulink model
Proxy TaskA placeholder for a task in your application

Simulink Configuration Parameters


What is Task Execution?

Learn the SoC Blockset definition of task execution and task life-cycle in a processor.

Timer-Driven Task

Create Simulink models with timer-driven task subsystems.

Event-Driven Tasks

Create Simulink models with event driven task subsystems.

Task Duration

Set the execution time or duration of a task in Task Manager block.

Kernel Latency

Specify the kernel response time or latency to start a task execution instance.

Value and Caching of Task Subsystem Signals

Signals entering and exiting task subsystems can capture Task Manager block.

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