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Class: NonLinearModel

Display nonlinear regression model




disp(mdl) displays the mdl nonlinear model at the command line.

Input Arguments


Nonlinear regression model, constructed by fitnlm.


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Create and display a nonlinear regression model.

Load the reaction data, and specify both a model function and starting values for the iterations.

load reaction
modelfun = 'rate~(b1*x2-x3/b5)/(1+b2*x1+b3*x2+b4*x3)';
beta0 = [1 .05 .02 .1 2];

Create a model of the data.

mdl = fitnlm(reactants,rate,modelfun,beta0);

Display the model.

Nonlinear regression model:
    rate ~ (b1*x2 - x3/b5)/(1 + b2*x1 + b3*x2 + b4*x3)

Estimated Coefficients:
          Estimate       SE       tStat     pValue 
          ________    ________    ______    _______

    b1      1.2526     0.86701    1.4447    0.18654
    b2    0.062776    0.043561    1.4411    0.18753
    b3    0.040048    0.030885    1.2967    0.23089
    b4     0.11242    0.075157    1.4957    0.17309
    b5      1.1914     0.83671    1.4239     0.1923

Number of observations: 13, Error degrees of freedom: 8
Root Mean Squared Error: 0.193
R-Squared: 0.999,  Adjusted R-Squared 0.998
F-statistic vs. zero model: 3.91e+03, p-value = 2.54e-13


Enter mdl at the command line to obtain a display, where mdl is the name of your model.