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Register Servo Read Add-On

To register your add-on library, add the working folder that contains +arduinoioaddons to the MATLAB® path:

addpath L:\Work

Run the command listArduinoLibraries, and make sure the ServoRead/ServoRead library is available.

ans =

  11×1 cell array

    {'Adafruit/MotorShieldV2'          }
    {'Adafruit/Si5351'                 }
    {'HelperAddons/hArduinoSDKAPI'     }
    {'I2C'                             }
    {'RotaryEncoder'                   }
    {'SPI'                             }
    {'Servo'                           }
    {'ServoRead/ServoRead'             }
    {'ShiftRegister'                   }
    {'Ultrasonic'                      }


If you do not see your add-on library in the list, see Custom Arduino Library Issues (MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware).

In the next section, you will Step 4: Specify the Behavior of the Servo Read Device Driver Block.