Prepare model for hardware connection, add blocks to support PX4 Autopilots


PX4 uORB ReadRead uORB data for the specified uORB topic
PX4 uORB WriteWrite uORB data for the specified uORB topic
PX4 uORB MessageCreate a blank message using specified uORB topic
PX4 Analog InputMeasure analog voltage applied to an ADC channel
PX4 PWM OutputConfigure PWM outputs for servo motors and ESC control
Serial ReceiveRead data from UART or USART port on PX4 flight controller
Serial TransmitSend serial data to UART or USART port
Vehicle AttitudeRead vehicle_attitude uORB topic and obtain attitude measurements
AccelerometerRead sensor_accel uORB topic and obtain three dimensional linear acceleration
GyroscopeRead sensor_gyro uORB topic and obtain three dimensional rate of rotation
MagnetometerRead sensor_mag uORB topic and obtain three dimensional magnetic field
Radio Control TransmitterRead input_rc uORB topic to obtain data from Radio Control Transmitter
Read ParameterRead PX4 system parameters
BatteryRead battery_status uORB topic and obtain details about the battery's state
GPSRead vehicle_gps_position uORB topic and obtain GPS coordinates


Model Configuration Parameters for PX4 Flight Controller

Parameter and configuration options for creating and running applications on PX4® flight controller

Index Numbers for Analog Channels on Pixhawk Series Controller Boards

Identify the index numbers for signals from analog channels

Port Numbers for Labels on PX4 Flight Controller Boards

Identify the UART/USART port number for the labels seen on PX4 flight controller boards

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