Run on Target Hardware

Run model on target hardware


Supported PX4 Flight Controller Boards

PX4 flight controller boards that can be used to deploy Simulink models

Deployment and Verification Using PX4 Host Target and jMAVSim

Deploy flight control algorithms created in Simulink on PX4 Host Target and control the vehicle using jMAVSim simulator

Monitor and Tune the Model Running on PX4 Autopilots

Monitor signals and tune parameters running on the Simulink models running on PX4 Autopilots

Enabling MAVLink in PX4 Over USB

Enable MAVLink protocol for PX4 Autopilots over USB

Plant and Attitude Controller Model for Hexacopter

Use plant model and attitude control model to fly a hexacopter using Embedded Coder® Support Package for PX4® Autopilots

Migrating from Pixhawk Pilot Support Package to Embedded Coder Support Package for PX4 Autopilots

Migrate from existing Pixhawk Pilot Support Package to the new Embedded Coder Support Package for PX4 Autopilots

Using External Mode over FTDI with Pixhawk 1

Use non-USB serial port of Pixhawk 1 along with an FTDI convertor for working with External mode

Connecting to NSH Terminal for Debugging

Connect to the NSH terminal of Pixhawk Series controller for debugging.


Troubleshooting Simulink Code Generation Problems if Current Folder is on Network Drive

Solve the code generation problems for a Simulink model designed for Pixhawk Series flight controller if the MATLAB Current Folder is on a network drive

Troubleshooting Build Model Failures for Windows Bash Command Errors

Solve the Build Model failures if you see Windows bash command error

Troubleshooting Deploy to Hardware Issues

Solve the problems when you try to deploy the Simulink model to Pixhawk Series flight controllers

Troubleshooting Flash Overflow Issues with Pixhawk 1

Solve the flash overflow issues when you try to deploy the Simulink model to Pixhawk 1