The Raspberry Pi Serial Port

The Raspberry Pi™ serial port provides low speed +3.3V TTL RS-232 data communication with a wide variety of devices, such as sensors, displays, ADCs, and DACs. The serial port UART connects to two pins on the GPIO header:

  • GPIO 14 (UART0_TXD) transmits data to the RxD pin on the peripheral device.

  • GPIO 15 (UART0_RXD) receives data from the TxD pin on the peripheral device.

By default, the serial console in the customized version of Raspbian Wheezy on your Raspberry Pi hardware is disabled. To use the serialdev, the serial console must be disabled.

For more information, see:

Do not connect the Raspberry Pi serial port to 12V RS-232 serial ports, which are found on many older computers.