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F28M35x/F28M36x UDP Send

Send UDP packets to UDP host


Embedded Coder® Support Package for Texas Instruments™ C2000™ Processors/ F28M35x/ M3

Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors/ F28M36x/ M3

  • F28M35x/F28M36x UDP Send block


Send UDP packets to a remote UDP host. Use UDP Send block for stateless, connectionless, and byte oriented data transmission.

You can send one dimensional array of data type uint8, uint16, int16, uint32, int32, single, or double.


Remote IP address ( for broadcast)

Specify the IP address of the remote UDP host for data transmission. For broadcasting to all the remote hosts, enter ‘’.

Remote IP Port

Specify the port number of the remote UDP host for data transmission.

Local IP Port (-1 for automatic port assignment)

Enter the port number of the local UDP host for data transmission.

Wait until previous packet transmitted

Select this check box to transmit a UDP packet, only after the previous packet is transmitted to avoid data overlap. Leave the default value ‘-1’ to allow automatic port assignment.