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Computing Environment Optimization

Tune your computing environment to improve performance:

  • Turn off antivirus and firewall software.

  • Turn off all nonessential background processes on your computer.

  • Disable all but IP4 in your network stack.

The following suggestions may also improve performance or reduce data loss:

  • If you have a B-series radio, make sure that you use a USB 3 connection.

  • See the recommended USB 3.0 controllers from Ettus Research®:

  • With laptops, try connecting the laptop to a power supply. Most laptops are configured for better battery life when they are not connected to a power supply. This affects the performance negatively. For both battery mode and AC power supply mode, make sure you have a power setting corresponding to maximum performance. Some laptop manufacturers might also provide advanced power settings to help chose a plan for maximum CPU performance.

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