Synchronize receiver or transmitter radio settings with radio hardware


info(x) returns synchronized radio settings information between the receiver or transmitter System object™ specified by x and the associated radio hardware. If x has no radio settings information, or if the System object is not associated with a radio hardware attached to the host, the function returns no information.


radioSettings = info(x) returns the information in the structure array radioSettings.


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rx = sdrrx('AD936x');
radioSettings = info(rx)
radioSettings = 

    struct with fields:

                  Status: 'Full information'
         CenterFrequency: 2.4000e+09
      BasebandSampleRate: 1000000
       DeviceVersionInfo: [1×1 struct]
              GainSource: 'AGC Slow Attack'

Input Arguments

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Receiver or transmitter, specified as a System object.

To create one of the following receiver System objects, use the sdrrx function.

To create one of the following transmitter System objects, use the sdrtx function.

Output Arguments

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Synchronized radio settings information between the System object and the associated radio hardware, returned as a structure array.

Introduced in R2014b