Axiom of façade domains

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Ax::systemRep states that domain elements are represented by elements of built-in domains.

There are principally two ways to represent the elements of a domain: On the one hand the elements may be created explicitly by the system function new, on the other hand one may use the built-in (or basic) domains of MuPAD® (like DOM_INT) to represent the elements.

Domains which don't create elements of their own but use elements of basic domains instead are called façade domains.

The usage of basic domains for the representation has the advantage that system functions may be used directly as methods of the domain without the overhead caused by overloading and procedure calls. But it has some severe limitations, see the domain Dom::Expression for details.

The axiom Ax::systemRep is used to state that the elements of a domain are represented by basic domains and are not created by new.