Color values of a raster plot

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ColorData is a nested list of RGB color values visualized by a plot::Raster object.

The internal reresentation of the ColorData entry of a plot::Raster object is a list of lists of color values. Also a matrix or a 2-dimensional array of color values can be assigned to this entry: they are converted to a list of lists.


Example 1

We create a raster plot object:

colordata := [[RGB::Red,   RGB::Green, RGB::Blue ],
              [RGB::Black, RGB::Cyan,  RGB::White]]:
r := plot::Raster(colordata, x = 0..3, y = 0..2):

The color data of the raster object can be accessed via the ColorData slot:

colordata := r::ColorData

The list of list of color values is turned into an array. After changing one entry, the new colors are written back into the raster object:

colordata := array(1..2, 1..3, colordata):
colordata[2, 3] := RGB::Magenta:

r::ColorData := colordata:

Although the color values were assigned as an array, they are internally stored as a list of lists:


delete colordata, r: