Color of points

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Value Summary



PointColor determines the color of points. The RGB library provides many pre-defined colors such as RGB::Red etc. See section Colors of this document for more information on colors.

Many graphical objects such as curves, surfaces etc. are approximated by a numerical mesh. With PointsVisible = TRUE, the points of this mesh become visible. These points do not react to PointColor.

PointColor cannot be animated.

For points of type plot::Point2d and plot::Point3d, the point color can also be set by the attribute Color.


Example 1

We plot a cluster of random points with random sizes and random colors:

r := frandom:
plot(plot::Point2d([r(),r()], PointSize = 5*r()*unit::mm,
                   PointColor = [r(), r(), r()]) 
     $ i = 1 .. 200):

delete r:

Example 2

We can access the PointColor attribute from a point and change it:

p := plot::Point2d(1, 2):
p::PointColor := RGB::Black:

delete p: