Find names of predefined colors

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RGB::colorName(rgb, <Exact>)


RGB::colorName([r, g, b]) looks for the predefined color with values closest to [r, g, b] and returns its name.

RGB::colorName([r, g, b], Exact) looks for a predefined color with values exactly [r, g, b] and returns its name.

The RGB namespace contains predefined color names, accessible as RGB::Blue etc. RGB::colorName performs a reverse lookup, finding the name of a color given as RGB values.

Since rather often, colors will stem from calculations with floating-point numbers, no exact matches can be expected in this reverse lookup. Therefore, by default, RGB::colorName will perform a “fuzzy” search, returning the predefined color which is closest (in Euclidean distance in RGB space) to the input. Cf. Example 2.


Example 1

RGB::colorName returns the symbolic name of predefined colors:

RGB::colorName([0, 1, 0])

RGB::colorName([0, 1, 0, 0.5])

Example 2

When performing calculations on color values, the results will rarely be exact, even if the unavoidable round-off errors are too small to be displayed on the screen:

a := RGB::Olive;
b := RGB::fromHSV(RGB::toHSV(RGB::Olive))

bool(a = b)

Therefore, RGB::colorName by default searches in a “fuzzy” fashion:


In cases where this is undesirable, the option Exact can be used to switch to exact searching:

RGB::colorName(a, Exact);
RGB::colorName(b, Exact)

The predefined color names do not fill RGB space uniformly, therefore, the color found by RGB::colorName may be quite different from the one entered. The following plot shows the predefined colors in RGB space:

  plot::PointList3d([c.[c] $ c in RGB::ColorList]),
  ZXRatio = 1, BackgroundStyle = TopBottom,
  BackgroundColor = RGB::Grey,
  BackgroundColor2 = RGB::White,



An RGB or RGBa color specification: A list of three or four real numbers in the interval .



Only return an exact match, FAIL if none exists.

Return Values

If a color was found, RGB::colorName returns an expression of the form RGB::Name or RGB::Name.[a]. If given Exact and no match was found, FAIL is returned. If given symbolic input parameters, an unevaluated call is returned.

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