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Import Simulink object definitions from base workspace to Architectural Data section of Simulink data dictionary

Since R2023b



    importFromBaseWorkspace(archDataObj) copies all variables from base workspace to the Architectural Data section of a data dictionary archDataObj without overwriting any existing entries. The Simulink.Bus objects are imported as data interfaces. For those objects that need to be used as structure DataType, use the convertToDataInterface and convertToStructType functions respectively.


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    To import Simulink® objects from the base workspace to a data dictionary, use the importFromBaseWorkspace function. For an example that shows more of the workflow for related functions, see Create Architectural Data Object and Use It to Configure Architectural Data.


    Input Arguments

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    Architectural Data object, specified as a Simulink.dictionary.ArchitecturalData object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b