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Trading System Providers

Trading Toolbox™ enables you to connect to various trading system providers. To create a connection, ensure that you satisfy the license, connection, and platform requirements.

Supported Providers

This toolbox supports connections to financial trading systems provided by the following corporations:

See the MathWorks® website for the system requirements for connecting to these trading systems.

Connection Requirements

To connect to these trading systems, additional requirements apply. The following data service providers require you to install proprietary software on your PC:

  • Bloomberg EMSX


    You need the Bloomberg Desktop software license for the host on which Trading Toolbox and MATLAB® software are running.

  • CQG

  • FIX Flyer

  • Interactive Brokers IB Trader Workstation

  • Trading Technologies X_TRADER

  • WDS

You must have a valid license for required client software on your machine.

For more information about how to obtain required software, contact your trading system sales representative.

Platform Requirements

The Trading Toolbox supports 64-bit Windows® only. However, transaction cost analysis from the Kissell Research Group supports all platforms.

These data service providers work only with the Windows platform:

  • Bloomberg EMSX

  • CQG

  • Interactive Brokers

  • Trading Technologies X_TRADER

  • WDS